Why Alloy Automation is Better For You Than Zapier

January 5, 2021
By Alloy Automation
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Why Alloy Automation is Better For You Than Zapier

Time shouldn’t be spent manually inputting customers’ information into databases or emailing every VIP customer individually a free discount code to grow your business. It should be spent to focus more on your brand, your company’s “why factor”, and other strategic projects. With the help of Alloy Automation, we can provide workflow integrations so that your store’s operations can run freely with the power of automation.

More and more people are getting exposed to the eCommerce space and technology continues to advance its functionality. Many companies are starting to grow their products by including different workflow opportunities for eCommerce merchants to utilize. However, Alloy can introduce you to a vast variety of exposure within the automation space and help you get in touch with automated tasks, specifically for eCommerce businesses.

According to Grand View Research, the global e-commerce market is growing at an annual rate of 14.7% during the next 7 years as of 2020. This means it is important to have an awareness for technological solutions that can make your life as a merchant easier! Alloy Automation has the best-in-class eCommerce automation tools that Zapier cannot compare to. Our eCommerce-focused company can help your store scale during this high-growth period without any issues.

Alloy Automation is a no-code tool for creating automated workflows for any eCommerce store. With the abilities Alloy can do, there’s an endless amount of opportunities you can receive from our automated workflows, guaranteeing that you’ll be able to focus on growing your business in a matter of minutes. So, what’s the comparison between Alloy Automation and Zapier, and why are we better for you?

Zapier is a high-level workflow automation company based in the heart of Silicon Valley, but lacks focused workflows for most eCommerce merchants. Alloy Automation makes up for this with a wide range of integrations and expanded functionality.

What we highlight

Because we are an eCommerce-focused platform, we provide all sorts of workflows that work around customer service, store operations, and even eCommerce wholesaling. Using a handful of different apps to run your Shopify store can be tedious and time-consuming, but we can help you integrate those apps with pre-built workflows. Everyone’s lives are time-sensitive, so we’re able to work with every Shopify store in less than 5 minutes.

Creating a business can be difficult, especially when you’re handling all sorts of departments such as marketing, emailing, fulfillment, and so on. However, your daily tasks can be transformed into automated tasks, removing manual labor and correcting human-made mistakes. This error can be reduced by 65% if you use the most efficient tools.

Additionally, marketing is a huge aspect to gage when you want to invite new customers and bring back returning customers. Compared to Zapier, you can create automated tags with Alloy, being able to successfully filter orders based on the custom criteria. Besides, if you don’t see an app that we haven’t partnered with, you can always request it on our site, another thing Zapier lacks.

It can be intimidating to start a whole new platform for your eCommerce store, but we’ll give you the support and guidance when onboarding and during implementation.

Alloy vs. Zapier App Integrations

Alloy’s range of integration apps will focus on what you as eCommerce merchants use and love. This helps you continue to focus on growing your business. Automation powers through 24/7, so it’s safe to say you won’t miss any new updates or notifications with these workflows. Additionally, we have a lot of personal relations with these companies, so not only do we have close connections, we have special access to API’s that no other competitor has.

Some of the leading eCommerce apps that Alloy Automation provides include Gorgias,, ShipBob, Klaviyo, Yotpo, and so much more! There’s a wide variety of apps that eCommerce merchants need and one of the most driven apps in the eCommerce world is Klaviyo. About 50,000+ businesses have utilized Kaviyo’s source to grow their company and a portion of those merchants are using it through Alloy’s integrations. Our company can integrate Klaviyo with more than 85+ apps to automate your store!

Looping Data

Looking at data can be tiresome, but sorting through data to collect a group of customers can be even more laborious. As it turns out, this is another feature that gives Alloy some bonus points since Zapier doesn’t include a data sorting feature like looping through your data. Having a loop function can increase productivity as an eCommerce merchant because it allows you to parse through large sets of data and do fun things with it. For example, if you want to go through all of your customers and see which customers have spent over $200 to reward them with a discount code, the loop function lets you sort through those customers/orders. You’ll be able to filter out who you can start calling a VIP member and look through your data a lot better than Zapier can.

Although Zapier can be a great platform for your integration needs, the different apps and features Alloy provides will cater better for eCommerce businesses as we focus more on the eCommerce space. Our variety of relationships with other partners and the different apps that have benefited many Shopify merchants can increase productivity for your business and can help automate your store even further.