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10 Tools for Boosting Customer Loyalty

January 22, 2021
By Alloy Automation
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10 Tools for Boosting Customer Loyalty

10 Tools for Boosting Customer Loyalty

Customer loyalty is one of the biggest problems that ecommerce retailers face, as online competition is fierce and plentiful. Research has shown that 80% of profit is generated by 20% of your existing customers, telling us repeat purchasers are the ones who drive profits. In order to keep people coming back to your store instead of to a competitor’s, here are 10 tips and tools that you can integrate into your store.

10 Ways to Boost Loyalty

Prioritize customer service and experience

Putting the customer first is one of the best ways that you can build loyalty in your business. When the entire shopping experience is enjoyable and painless, customers are more likely to come back again.

Personalize content and product recommendations

Providing personalized marketing content and product recommendations can help build customer loyalty by making people feel a connection to your brand and company. This is especially important in an online environment, where brand loyalty can be hard to foster. Apps like Omnisend and Klaviyo make it easy for you to personalize your outreach efforts and reach your audience more effectively.

Offer perks like discounts and free shipping

Rewarding customers with promotions such as discounts or exclusive sales can go a long way in luring them back in for another purchase. By offering these surprises at the right time you can build customer loyalty showing customers you offer a better value than your competitors.

Develop a great customer loyalty program

Customer loyalty programs are a great way to incentivize coming back to your business. These could include point systems, mission systems, and many more. By rewarding customers for continuing to support your business, you can not only drive sales but distinguish yourself from competitors.

Utilize retargeting ad campaigns

Retargeting ad campaigns can be a great way to boost customer loyalty as they remind customers to follow through with products they may have been considering or be used to upsell and introduce customers to valuable products they might not have considered. Ultimately, retargeting campaigns can encourage people to return to your store instead of a competitor and let you reclaim sales you might’ve otherwise missed.

Offer multiple ways for them to get in contact with you

No matter how simple you might think your customer experience is, it’s inevitable that someone will eventually run into an issue. Offering customers a variety of options to reach you quickly makes this less of a hassle, as they can feel confident that any questions they have will be answered.

Let users personalize their experience

Personalization lets users develop a deeper connection with your brand, and allows you to increase customer loyalty by offering experiences that are more relevant to them. By collecting customer data and using it to understand the habits and preferences of your visitors, you can create unique experiences that promote engagement.

Give them a look into how your business works

People love getting a view into how their favorite brands operate as it helps them develop deeper and more personal connections with them. This can be done by having good content marketing and using social media to provide relatable content. When people feel connected to a company they are more inclined to support it and the people behind it, leading to more sales and a stronger brand image.

Collect feedback and act on it

Feedback is one of the best ways to understand how your business is doing and what can be improved. By understanding any pain points customers might have and using that information to fine-tune your store, you can craft a more satisfying user experience for them.

Empower people to refer new members

Referrals are one of the most powerful ways to drive sales, with Nielsen stating that nearly 92% of people trust recommendations that they receive from trusted sources like friends or family. By empowering users to refer new members, you can take advantage of this and attract dedicated customers to your business.

There are plenty of tools that can help you build customer loyalty for your ecommerce business, and Alloy can help make this process effortless by automating many of these workflows.

To see how our automation tools can help build your brand and boost customer loyalty, request a demo below.