Customer Fields X Alloy: Automate Customer Data Aggregation

January 24, 2021
By Alloy Automation
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Customer Fields X Alloy: Automate Customer Data Aggregation

We are excited to announce our partnership with Customer Fields!

Customer Fields offers a suite of tools to enhance customer registration forms on Shopify. Their drag-and-drop builder allows for fully customizable customer registration forms that integrate easily with your Shopify theme. This data can then be used to auto-tag customer profiles and customize your site merchandising.

While Customer Fields can help you gather a wealth of customer data, our integration now allows you to seamlessly sync that data with all the other platforms you use. Building off of our 85+ other integrations, you can keep your commerce platforms, marketing platforms, and customer service platforms all automatically aligned.

Examples of apps that you can now easily integrate with Customer Fields: -Gorgias -Omnisend -Mailchimp -Klavyio -Okendo -Yotpo -Zendesk -Tone -And many more!

What is Customer Fields?

Customer Fields is an app allowing Shopify merchants to easily enhance, customize, and streamline their use of registration forms.

Merchants can create unique registration forms to collect additional information from customers such as product preferences, birthdate, photo ID, etc. They can automatically add customer tags based on customer input, or require account approval so you can review new customers before accounts are created in Shopify.

This customer data lets you streamline customer service efforts, enhance segments for marketing channels, and increase customer retention and lifetime value.

Examples of Customer Fields Workflows

Customer Fields helps you gather data on your customers. Integrating Customer Fields with Alloy allows this data to automatically sync with all of your apps. Below are a few examples of how customers are using Customer Fields with Alloy’s automation tooling.

Adding customers to Mailchimp and Klavyio

As you acquire new customers it’s important to get this information loaded into all of your apps. While manually exporting and uploading customer data can be a pain, Alloy lets you automate this process. You can build a workflow that triggers when a new customer is created and in turn uploads the new customer to all of your favorite apps. This will dramatically streamline your marketing and reclaim significant time in your workday.

Collect birthday information for a birthday discount marketing campaign

Developing relationships with customers is critical for boosting LTV and AOV for each customer. One way to do this is engaging with your customers on one of their favorite days: their birthday! If you collect birthday information via Customer Fields, Alloy will upload the data to your marketing tools and trigger a workflow to send them a text with a birthday message + a discount code or free gift. Utilize this to keep customer loyalty high and boost lifetime value.

Segmenting customers for specific product marketing emails

Chances are each of your customers has slightly different tastes and preferences. Customer Fields helps you collect data on these preferences, which can in-turn be used to segment customer demographics. For example, if you sell clothing for both genders and a variety of sizes, Alloy can trigger marketing emails specific to each gender and size segment. Increasing the specificity of marketing communication increases the conversion rate and reduces unsubscribe rates, improving the success of each campaign.

Slack notifications when customers complete registration forms

Sometimes you can get swamped with work and miss new customer sign-ups or registration forms. In order to improve customer service and response rates, Alloy can send a Slack notification to a dedicated “new customers” or “registrations” channel, every time a customer completes a registration form. Whether you use these notifications to target VIP customers quickly, approve pending customer sign-ups, or send out welcome messages immediately, is up to you.

Auto tagging customer information in Gorgias

In order to ensure perfect customer support, you need to track and update customer data in your customer support system. Gorgias’s customer profiles allow you to tag customers based on interactions. Integrating Gorgias and Customer Fields via Alloy can automate this tagging process. This gives your customer support team the information they need to effectively support customers, while also saving them a massive amount of time updating tags.

Check out these workflows and more in our marketplace of free, pre-built recipes.