Data Management and Privacy FAQ

Alloy Automation - Data Privacy and Security

At Alloy, we take your data and the security of your data with the utmost priority. With this in mind, we strictly adhere to the following with regards to your data:

Alloy only makes requests to integrations you authorize and only on the times you have given Alloy permission to make those requests Alloy never shares or sells your personal data whatsoever All credentials, keys, tokens, etc you store on the Alloy platform are secured with bank level encryption and securely transmitted over the internet at all times We adhere to our privacy policy. You may, at any time remove your credentials or contact us at and request that your data be deleted.

Engineering Details

  • Alloy stores all credentials (i.e. API Keys or tokens using AES-256 bit encryption in our database. Decryption credentials are maintained separately in a secure cloud environment)
  • We use TLS whenever possible and in all external API calls to ensure sensitive information is encrypted
  • Tokens and secret keys are censored and hidden to the best of our ability from our logs
  • Data from invoked workflows/jobs is regularly flushed from the system every two (2) hours

Should you have any questions regarding our data practices or how we handle our data, please feel free to contact us at and we will promptly get back to you.

For all Google specific APIs, Alloy’s use of information received from Google APIs (including Gmail, Google Drive, Google Sheets, and Google Calendar, etc) adheres to Google’s Limited Use Requirements.

You may view additional information about how your data is stored on our Privacy Policy.

Privacy Policy

You may view our privacy policy below:

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if I decide I no longer want you to have access to my data?
A: Please contact us at and we will work with you to delete your data. All data adheres to our strict data guidelines. We will promptly respond to your inquiry and work to remove any data you specify.

Q: I’d like to deactivate my account. What’s the process?
A: You may deactivate your account for any reason at any time. Please email us at requesting us to do so.

Q: Do you make requests using my account that I do not authorize?
A: We never make requests using your account that you have not authorized. All requests are subject to your privacy policy and we only share the explicit data you have authorized us to share.

Q: What is AES-256 encryption?
A: AES-256 encryption is an encryption standard that ensures strong data security. We use AES-256 when storing your credentials and other information. All data is securely encrypted at all times. Your data is also encrypted using TLS whenever any information is transmitted over the internet.

Q: Do you adhere to Google’s limited use requirements regarding data?
A: Yes. Alloy’s use of information received from Gmail APIs adheres to Google's (Gmail, Limited Use Requirements.

Terms of Service

You may view our terms of service below: