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Shopify Migration

How it Works

We can migrate all of your Shopify Flow workflows and integrations to Alloy - while setting up new workflows and integrations to get your store fully automated.
Step 1
Install Alloy on your Shopify store
Install Alloy for your Shopify Plus store by clicking the button below

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Step 2
Fill out the Shopify Flow migration form
Click the button below to fill out our migration form

Step 2
Fill out the Shopify Flow migration form
After the form is filled out, our team will reach out to schedule a migration call.

During the call, we’ll go over the migration steps and which workflows/integrations need to be set up
Step 4
Alloy completes the migration
During the migration, our team will be in touch regarding updates and time to completion.

Once the migration is done, Shopify Flow will be turned off and Alloy will take over as the automation platform

Dedicated Migration Specialists

Our migrations team is directly led by our founders. Our goal is to ensure your migrations are 100% successful and no workflows are broken during the migration.

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