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Shipping & Fulfillment
Automate shipping to speed up delivery and keep customers updated
Take control of your ecommerce company’s marketing strategy with powerful automation to grow your business, optimize campaigns, and improve personalization.
Customer Service
Provide personalized assistance to your customers with automation across all your channels and platforms.
Store Operations
Create a smooth operating system through automation from inventory management to product-related workflows to keep your ecommerce store running smoothly.
Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing is popular and effective when done right. And automating influencer management saves you time and resources while also gaining attention from new customers.
Automate personalization for your ecommerce brand to improve conversions, increase retention, and grow your business.
Abandoned Cart Recovery
Convert users who abandon their shopping carts online with automated reminders to win back lost revenue.
Data & Analytics
Automate data collection, entry, report generation, and more to gain insight into your business and find opportunities to grow.
Cut back on fraudulent orders by automatically flagging high-risk orders and potentially canceling them to save money.
Inventory Management
Automate inventory management to keep products in stock, reorder products, send back in stock notifications, and more to keep your store running smoothly.
Automate tagging to segment your customer base and improve personalization, communication, advertising, customer service, and more.
Product Management
Manage your products to prevent stockouts, keep inventory up to date, update listings, and more to grow your ecommerce business.
Rewards & Loyalty
Automate rewards and loyalty programs to keep your customers happy, personalize rewards, and grow your business.
Upsell customers with recommendations of additional products they can buy based on their purchase history, tags, and more.

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